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Борисовская Е.А.


Ecologist, Candidate of Technical Sciences (2010), Associate Professor of the Department of Ecology since 2011.

In 2001 she graduated with honors from the National Mining Academy of Ukraine in specialty “Ecology and Environmental Protection”. During 2001-2004 she studied in the post-graduate studies in specialty 21.06.01 – “Environmental Safety”.

Since 2001 until 2001 she had been working as an Assistant Lecturer and since 2011 and up to the date as Associate Professor of the Department of Ecology and Technologies of Environmental Protection of Dnipro University of Technology.

From June 2021 - Acting Head of the Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection Technologies.

In the position of Associate Professor of the Department of Ecology and Technologies of Environmental Protection, she supervises course projects and diploma projects.

Main professional disciplines taught: “Methods of Measuring Environmental Parameters”, “Recycling and Recovery of Wastes”, "Industrial waste processing technologies", "Waste inventory and accounting", “Environmental and Technological Safety”.

Research areas: Basic research interest refers to disposal of solid domestic and industrial wastes.

There are more than 100 scientific papers published and 4 patents defended.

Speaks English and Polish.

She was awarded the diploma of the winner of the All-Ukrainian competition “Invention-2008” in the nomination "Best invention - 2008 in the Dnipropetrovsk region" for a patented method of toxic waste treatment.

She did an internship in Environmental Sciences at the Curriculum Resource Center of the Central European University (Hungary, Budapest, 2006).

She received the title of International Engineering Educator (Ing. Paed. IGIP) of the International Society of Engineering Pedagogy (Austria, Villach, 2013).

Participated in the international project under the EU program "Youth in Action" in the thematic area "Environmental Changes - Human Obligation" (Poland, Krakow, 2013).

Participant of the International Summer School for Young Scientists "Greening the Curriculum - Integration of Sustainability Aspects into University Education", organized by the Brandenburg Technical University (Germany, Cottbus) and Dnipro University of Technology with the support of DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service (Ukraine, Dnipro, 2015).

Participant of the seminar-training on preparation of educational projects of the National Erasmus + office in Ukraine (Ukraine, Zaporizhia, 2015).

Participant of the International Business Week "Project Management" at the Higher Banking School in Wrocław (Poland, Wrocław, 2016).

Participated in the international project under the EU program Erasmus (+ KA1 - Mobility project for young people), "MOSAIC: Multiculturalism - the Outcome of Social Acceptance, Integration and Culture" (Italy, Palermo, 2016).

Participant of the Third International Week "Challenges for International Education" at the Higher Banking School in Wrocław under the EU program Erasmus + staff mobility for teaching and training (Poland, Wrocław, 2017).

Passed an internship at the State Enterprise "Pavlograd Chemical Plant" in the areas of solid rocket fuel utilization technology; ammunition that is unsuitable for storage and use; technologies for disposal of military equipment, military weapons and ammunition for it, etc. (April-May 2018).

Participant of the International Winter School for PHD students (as a co-trainer) Transfer of EIT Raw Materials PhD Winter School - Entrepreneurship in the CE (TransDOCSUM), organized by the Research Institute of Mineral and Energy Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland, Krakow) with the support of Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium, Leuven) and Université de Liège (Belgium, Liège) (online school, december of 2020).

She took a four-week online course in biomicry. The course is co-organized by the UNDP Innovative Development Laboratory and the Institute of Biomimicry (USA) in partnership with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Future Business Incubator of the National Center of the Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy National University etc.(May 2021).

Participant of the second week-long training in the framework of the international project " “EcoMining: Development of Integrated PhD Program for Sustainable Mining & Environmental Activities", approved by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) (October 2021).

She was trained at the Center for Professional Development of Personnel of the "Dnipro University of Technology" on "Guarantor of the educational program of Dnipro UT" and "Academic Integrity" (September 2021).

Received a certificate of completion of the course "Academic Integrity: Online Course for Teachers" on the Platform of mass open online courses "Prometheus" (September 2021).

Participant of the Eco-Forum "Environmental innovative solutions for local communities - scientific and practical aspects of the green economy 2021" from the Department of Environmental Policy (November 2021).

She received certificates from the National Agency of Ukraine for Civil Service Affairs on passing the basic courses "Barrier-Free Literacy" and "11 Steps Towards the Environment" (January 2022).

Received a certificate of completion of the course "Municipal waste - act now" on the platform of mass open online courses "Prometheus" (June 2022).

Training manuals

Borysovska O.O. Inventory and accounting of waste: textbook. manual / Dnipro: Lithograph, 2017. - 168 p.

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