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The Department of Ecology is located in building 10 on 7th floor. It has rooms 701-712 including four rooms for lectures and practical trainings. A total area of educational rooms is 314 sq. m. (80% from a total area occupied by the Department).(ауд. 10/705 та 10/709).

The Department of Ecology has a computer class equipped by 10 computers with access to the Internet.

There are Student Research Eco-center named in honour of Prof. V. Dolinskiy (10/710) and lecture room 10/711 named in honour of Prof. G. Miroshnik on the Department.

СНТ та аудиторія ім. проф. Мірошника Г.О.

A first one was created on the basis of the Dnepropetrovsk regional sanitary-and-epidemiologic institution in 2002. The main task of this subsidiary was an increase of level in professional preparation of specialists in area of environment protection and rational nature management. There have been carried out theoretical and practical trainings, student’s and PhD researches.

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