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The department conducts training in two specialties:

Area of expertise – 10 “Natural Science”, Specialty 101 – “Ecology”

Area of expertise – 18 "Production and Technology", Specialty – 183 "Environmental Technologies"

Qualification: Ecologist, Engineer in Nature Use, Lecturer

Forms of education: full-time, part-time, evening training.

Duration of education: Bachelor – 4 years; Master – 1,5 years.

For the short term of trainings (3 years) graduates of colleges and technical schools with educational qualification level "specialist" of ALL SPECIALTIES can apply for both "Ecology" and "Environmental Technologies" specialties.

Area of the professional activity: protection of the environment with its natural and man-made systems (biosphere, anthroposphere, sociosphere); protection and rational use of natural resources, environmentally safe activities.

Department Address: Dmytro Yavornytskii Av., 19, Bilding 10, 7th floor, city of Dnipro; tel .: +38(056)756-00-16.

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