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The Ecology Department was created in 1998 (the rector order № 5 of 12.01.98) after receiving licence from the Ministry of Education of Ukraine for training in the NGU specialists in the direction 0708 “Ecology” with educational qualification level bachelor, specialist, master's degree in speciality “Ecology and Environmental Protection”.

According to the order of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports number 2117л of 01.06.2012 “On the results of licensing, accreditation and certification” (Protocol № 96) training direction 6.040106 “Ecology, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources” and speciality 7.8.04010601 “Ecology and Environment Protection” was recognized as accredited until 01.07.2022.

According to the list of specialities approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine number 266 of 29 April 2015, Department trains students for knowledge branch 10 “Natural Science”, speciality 101 “Ecology”. Licensed volume on full-time Bachelor's Degree is 90 persons, Specialist's Degree - 62 persons and Master's Degree - 30 persons. Licensed amount of people for the distance educational form is 75, 65 and 10 persons respectively.

In December 2016 the Ecology Department changed its name to the Department of Ecology and Technologies of Environmental Protection of by the rector's order №2274-л of 21.12.2016.

The idea of creating the Ecology Department belongs to the former Dean of the Mining Faculty prof. Viktor Klochkov, who understood the need to include disciplines with environmental focus in the curricula of students-miners. This proposal was supported by rectorate and agreed with the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

Professor Gennady A. Miroshnyk, Ph.D was appointed at the head of the Ecology Department. He has made every effort to attract highly qualified scientists in the field of ecology to provide quality training in the speciality “Ecology and Environmental Protection”. He paid much attention to material, technical and methodical maintenance of educational process as well as research activities of the department, establishing links with research institutions, including internationally, and increasing the authority of the department.

Gennady Miroshnyk participated actively in the scientific activities of the National Mining Academy, he was a member of specialized councils on doctoral thesis, a member of the expert council of Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine.

The main focus of research was the development of theory and methods for controlled underground degassing of coal mines to improve industrial and environmental safety of coal mining. He is the author of over 60 scientific publications, including 25 patents. He was repeatedly awarded diplomas and gratitude for the fruitful work at the university. He was awarded the third degree medal “Miner's Glory”.

The department was located on the 13th floor of the 7th Corps of Mining University and occupied four rooms, including two lecture halls.

Перший склад – засновники кафедри!

The structure of the newly created department included: prof. Vitaly A. Dolinsky, associate professor Vsevolod I. Beskrovny, associate professor Valery E. Kolesnik, assistant Albert G. Kosarevsky, senior laboratory assistant Alla N. Khatskevich etc. In total there were 13 teachers in the department, including 4 doctors, 5 candidates of sciences and 4 assistants.

Professor Vitaly A. Dolinsky was an outstanding scholar and lecture at the Ecology Department. All his life was connected with the history of the National Mining University, beginning from the student’s years. From 1948 to 1953 he is a university student. Vitaly Dolinsky began his educational activity with an assistant of Ventilation Department, where he was than promoted to the associate professor and professor. V. Dolinsky worked as vice-rector for scientific work of the university for many years. His researches have been closely linked with the problems of coal, mining industry and underground construction. He was the author of 225 scientific papers, including 3 monographs and 2 handbooks on mine ventilation, 3 textbooks on mine ventilation and safety of life, 5 scientific and methodological works and 16 patents. He has supervised 5 PhD theses. Activities of V. Dolinsky was highly appreciated by the government, he was awarded the Order “Badge of Honour” and 4 medals. He was repeatedly awarded diplomas of the Ministry of Coal Industry of the USSR; mark the Higher School of the USSR “For excellent successes in work”.

Basic scientific researches of the first founders of Ecology Department - associate professors V. Beskrovny and V. Kolesnik were aimed at solving environmental problems of mining and study the properties and characteristics of industrial dust, as well as at the development of control means and process modelling of its distribution in the atmosphere etc. Vsevolod Beskrovny was awarded the first degree medal “Miner's Glory” and Valery Kolesnik was awarded the third degree medal “Miner's Glory” for their personal creative contribution to the development of mining science and education.

Victor M. Lapytskyy worked at NGU since 1971 after graduating with honours DGI in the speciality “Mining electrical mechanics”.

Since 1979 he worked as head of industrial research laboratory of electromagnetic methods of extracting metals from waste, this laboratory was a part of the Mineral Processing Department. In the same year he defended his thesis on “Investigation of electrodynamic separation of secondary ferrous metals and auriferous concentrates” for the degree of candidate of technical sciences, speciality – “Mineral Processing”.

Since 1999 he worked at the National Mining University as associate professor of Ecology Department and director of “Environmental Safety” Centre, which was created on the basis of Ecology Department and industrial research laboratory of electromagnetic methods of extracting metals from waste.

He explored the possibility of using electromagnetic separation methods of non-magnetic precious and non-ferrous metals in a magnetic field. He developed technology to extract useful components from municipal solid waste.

Was a member of the International Academy of the fundamentals of life.

On the initiative of prof. Gennady A. Miroshnyk in 1998 the first branch of the Department was established at the Institute of Nature Management Problems and Ecology of NAS of Ukraine, headed by Professor Arkady G. Shapar, Ph.D. In the same year leading members of the Institute were involved to work part-time in the department.

In 1999 postgraduate courses and doctoral studies in the speciality 21.06.01 – “Ecological safety” were opened at the department. Associate professors Tetyana Dolgova and Valery Kolesnik became the first doctoral students as well as Olexander Kovrov and Andriy Rudchenko became the first postgraduate students.

In 2001, the first graduation of specialists in “Ecology and Environmental Protection” took place, from this issue four specialists were taken to the postgraduate courses: Artem Pavlychenko, Olena Borysovska, Inna Mironova and Olga Demenko.

Tetyana Dolgova worked in the department since its foundation. From 1998 to 2000 she worked as an associate professor of Ecology Department of National Mining University; from 2000 to 2003 – as a doctoral student Ecology Department of NGU; 2003-2005 - associate professor of Ecology Department of NGU; from 2005 to 2014 - professor of Ecology Department.

Tetyana Dolgova is a leading scientist in the field of environmental safety. She suggested solutions to improve the efficiency control of ecological safety in mining areas, methods of choosing environmentally appropriate directions and methods of rehabilitation of soil, increasing the efficiency of control over man-made restructuring of soil under mining. She has published over 160 scientific papers.

While working at the National Mining University she was a member of two specialized councils for defence of theses for the degree of doctor and candidate of technical sciences, head of interdepartmental scientific seminar, a member of two scientific seminars. She constantly conducted consultation for postgraduate and doctoral students by the speciality “Environmental safety and labour protection”.

For long-term and fruitful work in the field of education and significant contribution to the development of the National Mining University, she was awarded with “Terpigorev Medal”.

Міжнародна науково-практична конференція присвячена десятиріччю заснування кафедри екології

From 2001 to 2016 the Ecology Department was headed by Alla Gorova, Ph.D., professor, academician of the Ukrainian Ecological Academy of Sciences, the International Academy of the fundamentals of life and the International Academy of Agricultural Education, a member of the National Commission on Radiation Protection of Population of Ukraine at the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Alla Gorova awarded certificates of honour and gratitude of the President of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Presidium of NAS of Ukraine, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the medal “Excellence in Education”, Gold Medal “Medal of Honour”. She is included in the biographical publications: “The names of Ukraine” (1999), “Women of Ukraine” (2001), “Scientists of Ukraine - state elite” (2012).

Склад кафедри

During his career Professor AIla Gorova has prepared 5 candidates of science. She has more than 300 scientific and methodical works, including three monographs and one textbook (fingerboard of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine).

During her work at the department Professor AIla Gorova has actively developed the following areas of research:

- Development of methodology of ecological and social monitoring of condition of environmental objects and health using cytogenetic and biophysical research methods;

- The ranking territory in terms of toxic and mutagenic background and state of human health as well as cartographic visualization on integrated indicators;

- Development of biotechnological methods for protecting and restoring the state of the environment through the use of physiologically active humic adaptogens and other adaptogens of natural origin.



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