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The Department of Ecology was founded in 1998 (the order of the rector № 5 from 12.01.98) after obtaining a license from Ministry of Education and Science on training of specialists in the NMU 0708 "Environment" on the educational-qualification level of bachelor, specialist, master specialty "Ecology and conservation the environment. "

The idea of creating the Department of Ecology belongs to a former Dean of the Faculty of Mining prof. Victor Klochkov, who understood the need for the training curricula of students miners disciplines environmental focus. This proposal was supported by the rector, and agreed with the Ministry of Education.


Мірошник Г.О.

To head the Department of Ecology was appointed Prof. Miroshnik. He made every effort to attract highly qualified scientists in the field of ecology to provide quality training in the specialty "Ecology and conservation of the environment." Paid much attention to the logistical and methodological support teaching and research activities of the department, establish links with research organizations, including at the international level, and raise the profile of the department.

Miroshnik Gennady took an active part in the scientific activities of the National Mining Academy, was a member of the specialized council for doctoral dissertation, a member of the advisory council of HAC of Ukraine.

The main direction of scientific activity was the development of theory and methods for controlled drainage of underground coal mines to increase industrial and environmental safety of coal mining. Author of over 60 scientific publications, including 25 patents and certificates. Repeatedly awarded with diplomas and thanks for the fruitful work at the university. Awarded "Miner's Glory» III degree.


Перший склад кафедри

The department was on the 13th floor of the 7th corps Mining University and occupied four rooms, including two lecture halls. The structure created by the department were: prof. Vitally Dolinsky, Associate Professor VI Bloodless, Assoc. Valery Kolesnik, assistant Albert Kosarevsky, senior laboratory Alla Khatskevich and others. In total, the department had 13 members, including 4 doctors, 5 PhDs and 4 assistants.

Долинський В.А.

Outstanding scientist and lecturer at the Department of Ecology was Professor Vitally Dolinsky. All his life, starting with the student body, is linked to the history of the National Mining University. From 1948 to 1953, he - a university student. Educational activity Vitally Dolinsky began with the assistant chair of ventilation, where he was promoted to associate professor and professor. Many years Vitally Dolinsky worked as Vice-Rector of the University. His research was closely related to the problems of the coal, mining, underground construction. He is the author of 225 scientific publications, including 3 monographs and two manual on mine ventilation, 3 manuals for mine ventilation and life safety, 5 scientific studies and analyzes, and 16 patents. He has supervised 5 PhD theses. Activity Vitally Dolinsky highly appreciated by the government, he was awarded the Order "Badge of Honor" and 4 medals. Repeatedly awarded diplomas of the Ministry of Coal Industry of the USSR and the USSR, the sign of the Higher School of the USSR "for Excellence in the work."

Basic research the founders of the Department of Ecology professors Beskrovny Vsevolod and Kolesnik Valery aimed at solving environmental problems of mining and exploration properties and characteristics of industrial dust, and to develop a means of monitoring and modeling of its distribution in the atmosphere, etc. For personal creative contribution to the development of mining science and education Bloodless VI awarded marks "Miner's Glory III-I-grade" and Valery Kolesnik awarded "Miner's Glory III-th degree."

At the initiative of prof. Miroshnik Gennady in 1998 created the first branch of the department on the basis of the Institute of Natural Resources and Ecology of the NAS of Ukraine, headed by Prof. Shapar Arcady. In the same year to work on part-time faculty were involved in leading employees of the institute.

In 1999, when the department was a postgraduate study and doctoral studies in the specialty 21.06.01 - environmental safety. The first doctoral became assistant professor of Dolgov Tatiana and Kolesnik Valery, and graduate students – Kovrov Alex, Rudchenko Andre.

Since 2001, the Department of Ecology is headed Gorovaya Alla - DSc, professor, academician of the Ukrainian Ecological Academy of Sciences, the International Academy of the fundamentals of life and of the International Academy of Agricultural Education, a member of the National Commission on Radiation Protection of Ukraine to the Verkhovna Rada .

In the same year, the first issue of the specialty "Ecology and Environment", of which the top four were taken in graduate school: Artem Pavlichenko, Borisovskaya Elena, Mironova Inna, Demenko Olga.

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